Country French Furniture

Country French Bedroom Furniture

Country french bedroom furniture - what better place to start than where we left off with our story. Where were we again? Yes, you were laying in your overly comfortable and most prized country french bedroom furniture, your bed. But what if you decided you wanted to change out your french country bed for another style. What would your other options be if you were to replace your bed to add to your country french bedroom furniture collection?

Since your previous french country bed was made of wood, how about a metal frame bed such as the Couronne Queen to add to your country french bedroom furniture collection? Or maybe something more simple such as a more traditional country french bed with a more traditional french headboard. This french headboard could even be unpainted. But maybe you want to try something totally different but not completely unusual. How about a french day bed to add to your country french bedroom furniture collection? Different but interesting.

For now, let's just keep the bed that you have and look around the room. What other country french bedroom furniture ideas do you have? What about a french end table next to the french bed? Makes sense doesn't it. But, instead of a matching wood french end table, let's go with a contrasting white painted metal french end table. A french end table made of white painted metal with a geberous amount of ornaments in the metal framework. Then again, there is always an option to go with a very simple unpainted wood table if you were to take the more traditional country french bedroom furniture approach.

Now that our country french bedroom furniture consists of a french country bed and french end table, what's next? How about a french country dresser or commode? Should we go with a painted berry commode? I guess that depends on if it would compliment the french bed and end table that we chose. Rocaille french country furniture has some really nice looking dressers with intricate patterns. But maybe something more simple and just as effective - a Clermont Commode might be just what we are looking for.

We have a little bit more room left in the country french bedroom. What do you say we look at sofas for our country french bedroom collection? We could place a Diva Chaise in the corner, or we could try a more traditional sofa long the wall facing the french bed or facing away. Maybe we go with a claw foot sofa or we go with one with tapered legs? Or maybe a simple and traditional white canvas sofa would be the perfect accent to complete your country french bedroom furniture.

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